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Community Housing Available Now July 14, 2016

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Crescent Sangha Community is made up of 6 people, 2 houses, (5 people in one house, 1 person in the other). The community was originally founded with the intention of creating support for dharma practice. This intention was modified to ‘support for mindfulness practices’ because it seemed to better describe the household. We are having an opening coming up in our friendly household and are looking to build on the original intention of a diverse interactive household that fosters health and harmony within ourselves and in the world through mindfulness.

Current practices that nurture this intention in the household are:
*Optional weekly dharma/spiritual discussion where we meditate, read or listen to spiritual teachings, and share how it is applicable in our lives
*Reserving the living room for meditation until 8am in the morning.
*Care for the environment through recycling, composting our food waste, and use of non-toxic products as much as possible.
*General interest in buying organic, local, and bulk foods
*Occasionally sponsoring community events such as the Eco-village potlucks, gatherings around various environmental and political issues, and social gatherings including concerts, film viewings, and festive events.
*Rotating care for the house environment chores to keep the house clean.
More about the house and its amenities:
*2500 sq ft house plus basement and 2 decks
*Front and side yard spaces
*Spacious common areas (living, dining, and a guest room)
*Washer and dryer
*Internet access
*Separate phone lines
The room is about 9.5 x 9.5′ plus a closet with windows on two walls for $500. The room is small but great for someone who enjoys simple living and using the large common spaces. In addition there is the cost of shared utilities (PG&E, trash, and water). There is wireless internet available of which the cost is shared among the users.

The space will be open in July. Move in requires: references, first, last, and deposit of $200.

About the local area:
*We’re five minutes’ walking distance from the Grand and Lakeshore Avenues, casual carpool (free, fast commuting into the City), & Lake Merritt.
*We are a short distance from Piedmont Avenue, 19th St. BART, and downtown Oakland.
*There is a farmer’s market down the hill on Saturdays.

Being the steward of the land, I am re-intending to have people move in that are interested in community building through shared meals, regular community meetings, house/yard/garden beautification, community events, and recreation time with videos, music, games, & outings.

We are interested in hearing more about you, so send us something about what you are looking for in a living environment and why this may be a fit. Please include your phone number so we can interview you over the phone. After the interview, if it seems like a fit, we will arrange a house showing and then from there it goes to final interviewing with the rest of the house members.

One last thing, we are not the right home for furry creatures.

Paul of Crescent Sangha Community (CSC)



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