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Starting Sept. 21: RECLAMATION: A Group for Those Recovering from Religious Harm August 27, 2016

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This 10 week group offers a safe place for individuals to come together to acknowledge and work through experiences that have caused religious/spiritual harm or wounding. It is a space for individuals to process harm experienced while a member of a church, a “high-demand” group, or a cult. Participants will support each other through a therapeutic process that includes the sharing of stories, drama therapy and experiential exercises, improvisation techniques, journaling, movement, art and group processing.

6:30-9:00 p.m.

No group on Oct. 5th or Nov. 23rd

Intake interview required

Please call Sarah at 415-820-9696 x19 or email at sarahlivingarts@gmail.com

Facilitated by:
Sarah Harkness, MA, LMFT #88566 is a drama therapist and psychotherapist with a private practice in San Mateo. She has worked with people from many different walks of life, and believes in the healing power of sharing stories in a group setting. As a survivor of a “high-demand” group herself, Sarah has experience with those leaving behind religious communities and expressions, as well as with those struggling to still find a spiritual home for themselves within a religious tradition. Holding a space for the diversity within this discernment is part of the uniqueness of this group.


Recharge Basecamp: An Online Caregiver Community May 11, 2015

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A new on-line Caregiver Community launched May 1, 2015 called Recharge Basecamp.

Recharge Basecamp is a place where Caregivers can put on their own oxygen masks first before attending to the needs of their loved ones. My own journey as a Caregiver started a few years ago when my son went into a mental health crisis. Since then my desire to share my story, my lessons and coaching with others going through crisis and life transitions has continued to grow and evolve.

Since launching my blog Far From Paradise in 2012, I’ve spoken to hundreds of parents and caregivers who literally stumbled upon my website while trying to navigate their way through a loved ones health crisis. Each person I spoke with shared a similar story to my own, feeling like more Peer Support was needed – and yet having difficulty finding someone, anyone who was willing to talk openly about their circumstances.

What I have found is that Caregivers of all backgrounds find similar challenges as they seek out support and understanding. This forum is focused on providing a respite and community for Caregivers. The desire is to create a space that is filled with support and understanding, as well as advice, tools and processes that will include topics such as self-care, health and wellness, guided meditations, guest speakers and more.

Here is more information about the program:

  • Each week there will be a 15 minute-long Respite group coaching call focusing on relevant Caregiver topics such as: Self Care, Health and Wellness, Guided meditations, practical support tools, special guest speakers and more (Calls will be recorded and available for replay anytime)
  • Each member will have access to a PRIVATE community forum where they can connect with other caregivers sharing advice, tools and support (This will be hosted on a Private Facebook Group)
  • Each Month there will be Q & A Discussion Calls that will address topics submitted by community members
  • There will be exclusive content created just for this group

If you are a Caregiver or know a Caregiver that could benefit from this Caregivers Community, please pass along this information. You can visit http://www.rechargebasecamp.com for more details.

Thank you,
Amy White

Self Acceptance/Body Empowerment Group (berkeley) February 13, 2013

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Self Acceptance/Body Empowerment Group (berkeley)

What would life be like if you accepted this radical concept: there is absolutely nothing wrong with you – nothing you have to change or improve upon. That you are enough just as you are. What would you do with the energy you currently spend berating yourself or obsessing over your flaws?

If this question intrigues you we invite you to join us for a new monthly meet up group in Berkeley. Our goal is to bring together humans of all sizes, colors and spiritual orientations to support each other in self acceptance and body empowerment. Activities will include guided meditation, discussion and self acceptance exercises.

Please join our meetup page to get notified of meetings:


Internalized Racism Support Group August 21, 2011

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This will be an Oakland-based group providing safe space to self-identified people of color (with a special welcome to LGBTQQI folks) who would like support in healing their own internalized racism.

So often we are lonely in our experience of racist oppression and finding a safe space to explore the emotional and spiritual toll that racism takes on us can be difficult.

In this group, we will use movement, mindful awareness practices, ritual, energetic healing practices, and empathic listening as tools for our personal and collective liberation.

This group is in its formation stages – we are gauging the interest level in this topic before moving forward. So please email us at bayarea.mindfulspirit@gmail.com to let us know you’re interested!!! We hope to begin meeting monthly in Fall 2011.

**Please note that in order to create safe space to discuss the effects of racism on those who are most affected by it, this group is limited to people of color. Thanks in advance for respecting this guideline.

Group Facilitators:

Andrea Davis has her Masters of Divinity and has several years’ experience leading groups for youth and adults on spirituality, social justice, and identity. Her passion is exploring how the healings arts can empower individuals to practice self and community healing around the traumas inflicted by institutional, systemic, and historical oppression.

Angela Urata has lived out her commitment to social and economic justice through her 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She has led workshops on spirituality and conflict resolution with incarcerated and homeless women. As a certified yoga teacher RYT 200, she has witnessed the healing and transformative powers of body-based wisdom and practices.

Buddhist of Color Therapist Group August 16, 2011

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Hello, I am a chicana psychotherapist (15yrs) with a yoga and mindfulness practice (25yrs). I would like to form a consultation group with other buddhists of color who are also therapists for support and ongoing growth.

Please email Susana @ mestizadharma@yahoo.com