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People of Color Cohousing Meetup Group Forming February 23, 2015

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We will serve as a hub to connect people of color who are interested in investing in, buying, or renting-to-own co-housing in the East Bay.

We can also work on ways to connect more people of color to established co-housing and co-ops in the SF Bay Area.



Self Acceptance/Body Empowerment Group (berkeley) February 13, 2013

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Self Acceptance/Body Empowerment Group (berkeley)

What would life be like if you accepted this radical concept: there is absolutely nothing wrong with you – nothing you have to change or improve upon. That you are enough just as you are. What would you do with the energy you currently spend berating yourself or obsessing over your flaws?

If this question intrigues you we invite you to join us for a new monthly meet up group in Berkeley. Our goal is to bring together humans of all sizes, colors and spiritual orientations to support each other in self acceptance and body empowerment. Activities will include guided meditation, discussion and self acceptance exercises.

Please join our meetup page to get notified of meetings:


Mindfulness based tea shop August 2, 2012

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Hello, I’m working to start a mindfulness based tea shop just a few blocks from our sangha. My goal is to have a portion of all proceeds benefit our community and for the space and offerings benefit all who visit. To learn more please visit http://www.TeaHereNow.com or http://www.Indiegogo.com/teaherenow. With gratitude for your support and suggestions.