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First Sunday of the Month Teachings: Inner Spirit-Child February 26, 2014

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Project Root’s Dana Cafe is a monthly gathering in Oakland offering vital teachings at no cost to participants. Each month on first Sunday, we invite a different teacher from various arts and healing traditions. Our monthly classes are offered for Dana (donations) and there is no set fee to attend.

We are happy to welcome Skye Ward, Lisa Cohen, and Vaschelle Andre’ to lead us on March 2, at 6pm.
Have you seen your Spirit child?

In this Dana Cafe session participants will engage in a healing meditation with the intention of welcoming the return of our inner spirit-child. We will employ meditation, visualization, storytelling and guided imagery to re(member) our core spirit-mind-body. We will pay tribute and celebrate our inner spirit-child, and reclaim wonderment, curiosity and innocence that are so often lost through the rigors of adulthood. And, where appropriate, and with a light touch we will banish old hurts and wounds. The primary focus and intention of this session is one of self-compassion, not reconstituting childhood trauma. Participants will be encouraged to be playful, joyful and appreciative of their inner spirit-child. The session will begin promptly at 6:00 pm with grounding exercises, then quiet meditation. Please kindly refer to the preparation checklist below.

A detailed outline of the session will be available to confirmed attendees.
Please kindly RSVP here: danacafe@projectroot.org

Music Medicine:
Lisa Cohen will serenade participants’ spirit-child with a lullaby and hail up the adult with a rousing praise song. Djenba Skye and Vaschelle Andre´ will join Lisa in the celebration by taking photo portraits of each participant posed side-by-side and engaged with their childhood photograph. These portraits infused with the energy medicine and our collective witnessing in the session will serve as a talisman and balm that participants may use in their meditation practice—this is strong medicine.

Preparation Checklist:

  • Participants are requested to bring a 5×7 framed photograph of them taken during childhood. If no such photograph is available other mementos will suffice.
  • Participants are requested to bring a journal for a brief writing exercise.
  • Participants are encouraged to arrive early. We start promptly at 6:00pm.
  • Participants are requested to bring personal cameras or use their mobile cameras.
  • Participants are invited to bring sacred objects and/or tributes for their spirit-child.

All are invited and welcome.

Dana Cafe is held at Temescal Art Center
511 48th St. @ Telegraph Ave. Oakland
This class is offered for dana (donations).
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early
Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle

Public Transportation
MacArthur BART Station
AC Bus lines 1, 1R, 12, and 57


Medicine Women/Facilitators

Vaschelle Andre:
I am a gypsy soul, world traveling visionist, in Love with the Divine Mystery. I use this expression of who I am through my work as a photographer, this is my Sacred Path. I like to tell a story with my photography. There is a transformative quality in the mystery of discovering when ones essence is revealed, If you have a difficult time in front of the camera, my work is to your experience in the most comfortable way and to bring out your authentic self. I love to work with the idea of photography as medicine. This work between myself and another is a collaborative experience, it is a sacred journey of alchemy and healing.

Lisa Cohen:
Lisa is a truly gifted; unique Bay area blues, jazz; gospel vocalist, who has been wowing audiences on the Women’s Music circuit for years with her soulful singing & dynamic stage presence. Lisa wraps her smoky rich, multi-octave, sweet as honey voice around any song she sings. Whether as a solo acapella artist belting out songs stripped bare and made whole using only the power and the beauty that is her voice or in joyous harmony with other musicians making musical soundscapes, She just loves to give life to song. You can call it jazz,or blues or gospel or call it what you will, and you will cause this is one singer who really brings all that she is through Spirit, into the song she’s singing into life. Opening her heart, singing from her soul, reaching deep one soul to another, to another, to another…

Skye Ward:
Since 1997, Skye Ward has traveled to five continents. She is interested in exploring global issues, including the intersections of race, gender, economic exploitation, and the sociopolitical conditions among the people she meets during her travels. Travel is an integral part of her spiritual practice, as she approaches other cultures from a position of openness, wonderment, and mutual respect.
Skye Ward offers a transformational workshop called
“Conjuring Wellness & Renewal: A Transnational Feminist Approach to Global Travel.” In it, she provides an introduction to overseas travel as a means for transformational healing, self-discovery and the development of transnational feminist connections and practices.


Tuesday nights 7-8:30pm: Hartford Street Women’s Sangha September 30, 2013

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Hartford Street Women’s Sangha

All women welcome for weekly sitting meditation, talk and refreshments.

Hartford Street Zen Center, 57 Hartford Street (between 17th and 18th Street)

Every 1st Tuesday is Rev. Keiryu Lien Shutt and every 2nd Tuesday is Rev. Konin Melissa Cardenas, 3rd & 4th Tuesdays are TBD

For more info:


Self Acceptance/Body Empowerment Group (berkeley) February 13, 2013

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Self Acceptance/Body Empowerment Group (berkeley)

What would life be like if you accepted this radical concept: there is absolutely nothing wrong with you – nothing you have to change or improve upon. That you are enough just as you are. What would you do with the energy you currently spend berating yourself or obsessing over your flaws?

If this question intrigues you we invite you to join us for a new monthly meet up group in Berkeley. Our goal is to bring together humans of all sizes, colors and spiritual orientations to support each other in self acceptance and body empowerment. Activities will include guided meditation, discussion and self acceptance exercises.

Please join our meetup page to get notified of meetings: