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This library contains readings about diversity and the experiences of various communities in our Sangha. If you have something you’d like to see added to the list, please comment below.


Directing the Mind Towards Practices in Diversity (by Larry Yang) in Friends on the Path: Living Spiritual Communities, by Thich Nhat Hanh, compiled by Jack Lawlor, Parallax Press, 2002

Race and Ethnicity

Al-budd and Muslim Me (by Masood Cajee) Turning Wheel, Summer 2006

Buddhism and the Body Problem: A Historical Perspective on African American Buddhists (by Lori Pierce) Turning Wheel, Summer 2003

El Latinismo y sus Bellos Colores: Voices of Latina and Latino Buddhists (compiled by Rosa Zubizarreta) Turning Wheel, Spring 2001

Guidelines for Being a Strong White Ally (by Paul Kivel) Turning Wheel, Spring 2007

Making the Invisible Visible: Healing Racism in Our Buddhist Communities

Mindfulness and the Beloved Community (by Charles Johnson) Turning Wheel, Summer 2003

On American Sanghas and Race Relations (by Albert Kutchins) Turning Wheel, Summer 1992

Racial Diversity in Buddhism in the U.S. (by Kate Dugan and Hilary Bogert) Pluralism Project, August 2006

Resources for Understanding Racism and White Privilege Turning Wheel, Spring 2007

What Would You Do? (by Sheridan Adams) Turning Wheel, Spring 2007


I Am Old (by Lee Lipp) Turning Wheel, Winter 2005

Youth and Buddhist Activism (by Swan Keyes) Turning Wheel, Fall 2002

Gender and Sexuality

According to Buddhist Tradition: Gays, Lesbians and Sexual Misconduct (by Steve Peskind) Shambhala Sun, March 1998

Borderlands (by Caitriona Reed) Turning Wheel, Summer 2005

Pouring Water into Water (by Rita Gross) Turning Wheel, Spring 1999

The Lone Mountain Path: AIDS in the Life and Death of Issan Dorsey Roshi (by Kobai Scott Whitney) 1997

Time For Us All To Come Out (Joanna Macy and Susan Moon interview Caitriona Reed) Turning Wheel, Spring 1999


Being with What Is: Teaching Meditation to People with Chronic Pain and Disabilities (by Naomi Weisman) Turning Wheel, Spring 2005

Meditation, Disability and Identity (by Susan Squier)

Widening Our Circle: Being an Ally to People with Chronic Illnesses (by Diana Lion) Turning Wheel, Summer 2007

Additional Reading

Turning Wheel, The Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism. Back issues of Turning Wheel are available at the BPF web site. http://www.bpf.org

* Gay & Lesbian Buddhism. Fall 1992
* Racism & Buddhism. Spring 1993
* Family. Winter 1995-1996
* Buddhist Feminism. Spring 1999
* Buddhism in Las Americas. Spring 2001.
* Getting Old. Winter 2001.
* Youth & Buddhist Activism. Fall 2002



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